The Deed has been out on Steam for about a week now, and the first fifty reviews have been 100% positive. I’m sure a lot of this has to do with the very low price for the game (especially with the current 50% off sale) but I’m extremely pleased that people are enjoying the experience so far.

A few of my favourite review snippets:


“Imagine playing cluedo. Now imagine THE EXACT REVERSE of that. That is what this game is and why I enjoy it so much.” – DebyeD

“A very short adventure game with a surprising amount of complexity and replay value.” – Jorkkeli

“High amount of consequence for seemingly every action is taken into account. Fascinating game to play and has a seemingly very high replay value. I would love to see this type of thing taken to the next level and more.” – ^uDn

“While sporting simple mechanics and low production values The Deed’s concept and its trial and error gameplay are good enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.” – Stranger1982

“This brings me back to the days of board games and choose-your-own-adventure, not many video games can do that for me nowadays so it’s refreshing to see one that does it – and does it right – for a criminally underpriced price. I strongly recommend this game to players who love choice and freedom, board games, RPGs and detective stories.” – Evil Incarnate


Also a playthrough from Jim Sterling and a couple of video reviews: