We are very happy to announce that all four episodes of the Space Pilgrim saga are now available on Steam! The response to these games has been very encouraging so far, with the first three episodes currently enjoying a user review score of 85% to 91% positive.

This saga takes its inspiration from the classic point-and-click adventure games of the nineties, with an engaging science fiction narrative that expands and develops over the course of the four episodes.

With the release of the final episode you can now follow the complete story of Captain Gail Pilgrim as she travels across the galaxy visiting space stations, mining bases, terraformed planets, floating cities and more, making many friends and enemies along the way …


“The first episode of a planned tetralogy offers a decent story and simple puzzles in a short yet quite enjoyable adventure.”

“I’ve played a lot of big-budget games with incomprehensible stories and inane dialogue. Even though this is a very straightforward science fiction story, it is well done in comparison.”

“All in all, I enjoyed my experience playing this first episode and was grinning as the game transitioned to the credits.”


“I liked this episode better than the first … 8 out of 10.”

“The story is still well-written, with the same humor as before.”

“Another great episode made by Pilgrim Adventures. I can’t wait to complete the third episode.”
Cero Miedo


“By far the longest of the bunch so far, I greatly enjoyed it and the core storyline was intriguing and very enjoyable.”

“Another nice entertaining episode of the Space Pilgrim Saga.”

“Loving this little series … can’t wait for more.”


“Kudos to Pilgrim Adventures for these simple yet charming games, with a straight-forward narrative and interesting word-building.”